Product characteristics

Organic fertilizers and fertilizers capable of increasing soil fertility, due to the amount of nutrients present in them



Technologically innovative, created thanks to constant Research & Development

icona_Materie prime

Raw material

Of quality, which respect the well-being of the environment and man

icona_Prodotti naturali

Natural products

Which strengthen and fortify plants, capable of counteracting biotic and abiotic adversities

icona_Concimi di fondo

Basic fertilizers

Which provide the macro and micro nutrients that the soil needs

icona_Sostanze organiche

Organic substances

Present in the products, which create a stable physical-chemical-biological structure in the soil

icona_Nuovi formulati

New formulations

To optimize the resources used and production and reduce waste

Who we are

Since 2013, Idealfert has specialized in the production and marketing of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers for integrated and organic agriculture. Constant Research & Development allow the creation of new formulations, which offer agronomic efficiency with an environmental impact equal to 0.


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